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1 satoshi every 0 minutes.

Withdrawal limit:
Direct: 100 satoshi
Note: referral payments are not instant; they will go to your referral balance.

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Faucet was locked at 2019-07-17 12:57:32 GMT.
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Reflink: https://obtain-link.com/bitcoin/?r=Your_Address

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When you use our faucet, please observe the simple rules!

Do not use bots.

Do not create multiple accounts.

Do not use proxy or similar IP addresses, modify


If you violate the above rules, your bitcoin

address, and IP will be blocked!


    1. Insert your bitcoin address into the window (Your address:).

    2. Go through one of two (reCaptcha, SolveMedia).

    3. You need to solve (reCaptcha, SolveMedia), and click (Get reward!).

Your earnings go directly to the account of the payment system (faucethub.io) and depends on the income from advertising on our website.

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